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How To Paint an Ombre Wall

An ombre wall is a great way to mix art with color for any room.  A good tip when selecting colors for your ombre wall is to utilize a color cards with gradient colors on them.  These cards typically have 3 to 4 colors on them and migrate from lightest to darkest on the card.  The amount of paint you will need will vary on the size of the wall.  Take a measurement of the wall you intend to paint and a neighborhood Ace can help calculate the amount of paint needed.

The technique is easy to execute and works for any color you desire in your chosen space.  Follow these steps to bring the ombre wall to your home.

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1. Tape the Walls

Add painter's tape to the trim and to the sides and ceiling. Purpose is to keep paint off the walls and trim when applying it.

2. Measure and Divide Wall

Measure the entire accent wall into 3 sections. Add a straight line with a pencil using a level to create your 3 sections.

3. Apply Lightest Color First

At the top of the wall, space #1, put your lightest color. Apply the paint with a roller. As you are rolling it on the wall, start with light pressure on the roller at the top. You want the paint to have a fading effect, so avoid pressing down to hard with the roller.

4. Apply The Middle or Medium Color

With the top color dry it is now time to add the middle or medium color to the wall. You will roll the paint on the wall. Again, you will have lighter pressure on the roller at the top to get the fading effect into the last color.

5. Apply Darkest Color

Now you will apply the darkest color to the wall. Start applying the third color after the second color dries. You will apply with a roller. Once again, apply the lightest pressure at the top of this space.

6. Blend in Colors

Step back from the wall and take a look. Use a paint brush to blend in the colors. Make sure you are using the correct color when blending in.

7. Enjoy!

Enjoy the new ombre wall in your home!



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